Countdown until ICBIC 2023


The ICBIC20 Program Committee are pleased to announce the below themes for the Conference.

Identified themes for metals in biology research

  • Homeostasis and regulation (incl. redox)
  • Metalloproteins and metallonucleotides - structures, models, and chemical biology
  • Analytical methods - spectroscopic and molecular probes
  • Metals for diagnosis and therapy (incl. radio)
  • Metallomics and bioinformatics (systems approaches)
  • Energy, environment and sustainability
  • Metals in disease and host response

IC 23 Themes

  • Main Group, Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry: from the fundamental chemistry of the s, p, d and f-block elements through to catalysis for energy, environment and sustainability applications.
  • Supramolecular Chemistry: all aspects of supramolecular chemistry extending from metal ion sensing through to assembly of metal- and non-metal-containing assemblies and their properties.
  • Materials and Structural Chemistry: including synthesis, structural characterisation, and properties of solid-state and open framework materials, including applications in storage, separations and catalysis.
Key Dates
Call for Abstract opens 25 November 2022
Registration form opens (early bird rate) 25 November 2022
Call for Abstracts closes 6 February 2023
Notifications to authors Late February 2023
Presenter registration deadline 6 March 2023
Standard registration rate 6 March 2023
ICBIC21 16 – 21 July 2023

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